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Experience the ease of deal listing on MergerDomo. In just minutes, you can post your M&A or Fundraise deal by providing essential details that will attract potential buyers or sellers. Don’t worry, no confidential information will be made available without your consent.

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Discover tailored deals effortlessly. Our smart system connects you with matching buyers or sellers. Take the next step in your M&A or fundraising journey that builds connections which will lead to successful deal closures.

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Register as a consultant, connect with clients and let your skills speak for themselves – no cold calls, no marketing stress. MergerDomo connects you with the right projects based on your skills and experience.

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Our smart system connects you with clients who need your skills, saving you time and hassle.

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 Work with established companies on rewarding M&A projects, using your valuable knowledge to guide them.

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Discover valuable insights with MergerDomo's resource collection where you can understand the Buyer’s mindset, Seller’s journey and much more. Know the current events happening in the M&A world and stay ahead of the curve with our Newsletter.

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Frequently Asked Questions


MergerDomo is a platform that connects investment bankers with relevant deals, buyers/sellers, and potential consulting clients. It can help you source deals, secure mandates, expand your network, and grow your consulting practice.

Access a wider range of deals compared to traditional deal sourcing methods. Connect with qualified buyers and sellers more efficiently. Build your online profile and attract potential consulting clients. Save time and resources by streamlining the deal-making process. Stay updated on the latest M&A trends and insights with our M&A Vault.

MergerDomo offers different pricing plans for investment bankers. To find out more, Register now or contact us.

You can browse through posted deals based on your criteria or use the platform's matching system to get alerted to relevant opportunities.

The platform facilitates connections between investment bankers and potential clients. Once you connect with a buyer or seller, you can use your expertise and network to convince them to choose you as their advisor.

MergerDomo features a wide range of M&A and fundraising deals across various industries and sizes.

Register as a consultant, complete your profile, and highlight your expertise and experience.

The platform's smart system matches your skills and experience with relevant client projects.

You can find projects across various stages of the M&A lifecycle, from deal sourcing and valuation to due diligence and negotiation.

Find projects without cold calling or marketing efforts. Work with established companies on rewarding M&A projects. Set your own rates and choose the projects you want. Build your reputation and network within the M&A community.

The M&A Vault is a resource section on MergerDomo that provides insights into the buyer and seller perspectives on deals, along with handy tools and tips for investment bankers.

Subscribe to the Deal Newsletter to stay updated on the latest M&A trends and newly posted deals.

Yes, MergerDomo allows you to filter deals based on various criteria, such as industry, size, deal stage, location.

MergerDomo has a verification process for deal posters to ensure the legitimacy of the opportunities listed.

While some deals may be posted publicly on other platforms, MergerDomo also features exclusive deals submitted directly by investment bankers and companies seeking discreet M&A or fundraising opportunities.

Build a strong profile showcasing your successes, testimonials, and relevant industry knowledge. Actively engage with potential clients by responding promptly to inquiries and demonstrating your expertise through insightful comments or content.

MergerDomo provides access to the M&A Vault, which features educational articles, case studies, and tips for success in the M&A field.

MergerDomo offers personalized dashboards to track your deal sourcing activities, connections made, and EOI Sent/Received. This can help you measure your success and identify areas for improvement.

Yes, MergerDomo provides dedicated customer support for investment bankers, including onboarding assistance, technical help, and guidance on using the platform effectively.