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Get details about joint venture and step-by-step guide for joint venture formation. We provide perfect partner & score a suitable JV deal.

A joint venture is an alliance of two or more parties to share markets, intellectual property, assets, and profits. A joint venture differs from a merger in the sense that there is no transfer of ownership in the deal. Each Joint Venture Partner usually brings in a complementary strength. A common use of JVs is to partner up with a local business to enter a foreign market. A company that wants to expand its distribution network to new countries can usefully enter into a JV agreement to supply products to a local business, thus benefiting from an already existing distribution network.

A. Deal Preparation
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  • The number of parties involved
  • The scope in which the JV will operate (geography, product, technology)
  • What and how much each party will contribute to the JV
  • The structure of the JV itself
  • The kind of arrangements to be made once the deal is complete
  • How the JV will be staffed

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B. Deal Sourcing (Algorithm based searches)
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C. Deal Execution
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Once the partner is found, the following steps need to be done

  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiations
  • Legal documentation
  • Finalization of deal

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