P Sanghvi

Madhya Pradesh , India

About Me

I Deploy and Monitor a Capital Pool created from MY Own Funds along with Co-Investors (HNI & Family Office) Funds. For My Co - Investors (HNI & Family Office) - I am their Guarantee and their Safety Net with "My Neck on the Line" and my Personal Wealth at stake. I keep on adding Co-Investors and Portfolio Companies as and when opportunity presents itself. Currently we are invested in 10 Portfolio Companies. These portfolio companies are "Cashflow Positive Traditional Businesses". Some of them are Turnaround stories. Some of them have created high equity value because of innovation. Real Estate projects have seen capital multiplied because of value addition and compounding. All of them have one thing in common - Financial Discipline. My Investing Focus Areas - Manufacturing - Real Estate - Infrastructure Projects - Operations and Management Contracts - Traditional Businesses

My Investment Summary

Minimum Investment

INR (Mn) 20

Maximum Investment

INR (Mn) 150

Investor Type

Individual investor, Family office, PE/VC fund, Corporate fund


Investment Interest



Automotive, Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers, Consumer Product-manufacturing, Electrical Machinery, Electronics/Mechatronics, Energy and Environmental, Food and Beverage-Processing, Industrial Manufacturing-Capital Goods, Information and Communications Technology-ICT, Infrastructure/Construction, Metals, Mining and Minerals, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Robotics

Interested Stages

Growth, Distressed, other

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Automotive Individual investor

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Individual investor

Consumer Product-manufacturing Individual investor

Electrical Machinery Individual investor

Electronics/Mechatronics Individual investor

Energy and Environmental Individual investor

Food and Beverage-Processing Individual investor

Industrial Manufacturing-Capital Goods Individual investor

Information and Communications Technology-ICT Individual investor

Infrastructure/Construction Individual investor

Metals, Mining and Minerals Individual investor

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Individual investor

Robotics Individual investor

Automotive Family office

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Family office

Consumer Product-manufacturing Family office

Electrical Machinery Family office

Electronics/Mechatronics Family office

Energy and Environmental Family office

Food and Beverage-Processing Family office

Industrial Manufacturing-Capital Goods Family office

Information and Communications Technology-ICT Family office

Infrastructure/Construction Family office

Metals, Mining and Minerals Family office

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Family office

Robotics Family office

Automotive PE/VC fund

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers PE/VC fund

Consumer Product-manufacturing PE/VC fund

Electrical Machinery PE/VC fund

Electronics/Mechatronics PE/VC fund

Energy and Environmental PE/VC fund

Food and Beverage-Processing PE/VC fund

Industrial Manufacturing-Capital Goods PE/VC fund

Information and Communications Technology-ICT PE/VC fund

Infrastructure/Construction PE/VC fund

Metals, Mining and Minerals PE/VC fund

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare PE/VC fund

Robotics PE/VC fund

Automotive Corporate fund

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Corporate fund

Consumer Product-manufacturing Corporate fund

Electrical Machinery Corporate fund

Electronics/Mechatronics Corporate fund

Energy and Environmental Corporate fund

Food and Beverage-Processing Corporate fund

Industrial Manufacturing-Capital Goods Corporate fund

Information and Communications Technology-ICT Corporate fund

Infrastructure/Construction Corporate fund

Metals, Mining and Minerals Corporate fund

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Corporate fund

Robotics Corporate fund

Individual investor

Family office

PE/VC fund

Corporate fund