A Keskar Maharashtra , India

Individual investor,Family office,PE/VC fund,Corporate fund

About Me

In the post-covid world we see changing trends in business & consumer behavior. Advanced technologies in manufacturing, India's emerging position in the global economy and encouraging government policies create multiple investment opportunities. With firm belief in India's growth story; Athena is looking to supercharge medium - large companies to unlock their true value and potential


Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Electrical Machinery, Infrastructure/Construction, Industrial Manufacturing-Capital Goods, Electronics/Mechatronics, Energy and Environmental, Transportation/Logistics, Metals, Mining and Minerals, Robotics

Interested Stages

Growth, Distressed

Investment Range

INR 100-500 Mn

Location Preferences



Aerospace and Defence Individual investor

Automotive Individual investor

Electrical Machinery Individual investor

Electronics/Mechatronics Individual investor

Energy and Environmental Individual investor

Industrial Manufacturing-Capital Goods Individual investor

Infrastructure/Construction Individual investor

Metals, Mining and Minerals Individual investor

Robotics Individual investor

Transportation/Logistics Individual investor

Aerospace and Defence Family office

Automotive Family office

Electrical Machinery Family office

Electronics/Mechatronics Family office

Energy and Environmental Family office

Industrial Manufacturing-Capital Goods Family office

Infrastructure/Construction Family office

Metals, Mining and Minerals Family office

Robotics Family office

Transportation/Logistics Family office

Aerospace and Defence PE/VC fund

Automotive PE/VC fund

Electrical Machinery PE/VC fund

Electronics/Mechatronics PE/VC fund

Energy and Environmental PE/VC fund

Industrial Manufacturing-Capital Goods PE/VC fund

Infrastructure/Construction PE/VC fund

Metals, Mining and Minerals PE/VC fund

Robotics PE/VC fund

Transportation/Logistics PE/VC fund

Aerospace and Defence Corporate fund

Automotive Corporate fund

Electrical Machinery Corporate fund

Electronics/Mechatronics Corporate fund

Energy and Environmental Corporate fund

Industrial Manufacturing-Capital Goods Corporate fund

Infrastructure/Construction Corporate fund

Metals, Mining and Minerals Corporate fund

Robotics Corporate fund

Transportation/Logistics Corporate fund

Individual investor

Family office

PE/VC fund

Corporate fund