V Sharma Maharashtra , India

Individual investor,Accelerator/Incubator,Family office,PE/VC fund,Angel network,Corporate fund,Sovereign wealth fund

About Me

Manufacturing, Growth, Tech, FMCG, NBFC, BFSI, consumer, Infrastructure, renewable energy


Consumer Product-manufacturing, Electrical Machinery, Infrastructure/Construction, Electronics/Mechatronics, Retail, Energy and Environmental, Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers, Education, Food and Beverage-Processing, Financial Services, Hospitals and Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, Hospitality, Human Resources

Interested Stages

Growth, Distressed, Debt requirement, Partnership

Investment Range

INR 5-500 Mn

Location Preferences



Advertising, Enterprise Tech, Finance / Insurance, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, Social Impact, Energy & Sustainability, E-Commerce, Consumer, Accounting/Compliance, Blockchain / Crypto currency, Environment, FMCG, Professional Services, Retail

Interested Stages

Ideation, Business Planning, Early Revenue, Steady Revenue

Investment Range

INR 2-50 Mn

Location Preferences



Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Individual investor

Consumer Product-manufacturing Individual investor

Education Individual investor

Electrical Machinery Individual investor

Electronics/Mechatronics Individual investor

Energy and Environmental Individual investor

Financial Services Individual investor

Food and Beverage-Processing Individual investor

Hospitality Individual investor

Hospitals and Healthcare Individual investor

Human Resources Individual investor

Infrastructure/Construction Individual investor

Media & Entertainment Individual investor

Real Estate Individual investor

Retail Individual investor

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Accelerator / Incubator

Consumer Product-manufacturing Accelerator / Incubator

Education Accelerator / Incubator

Electrical Machinery Accelerator / Incubator

Electronics/Mechatronics Accelerator / Incubator

Energy and Environmental Accelerator / Incubator

Financial Services Accelerator / Incubator

Food and Beverage-Processing Accelerator / Incubator

Hospitality Accelerator / Incubator

Hospitals and Healthcare Accelerator / Incubator

Human Resources Accelerator / Incubator

Infrastructure/Construction Accelerator / Incubator

Media & Entertainment Accelerator / Incubator

Real Estate Accelerator / Incubator

Retail Accelerator / Incubator

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Family office

Consumer Product-manufacturing Family office

Education Family office

Electrical Machinery Family office

Electronics/Mechatronics Family office

Energy and Environmental Family office

Financial Services Family office

Food and Beverage-Processing Family office

Hospitality Family office

Hospitals and Healthcare Family office

Human Resources Family office

Infrastructure/Construction Family office

Media & Entertainment Family office

Real Estate Family office

Retail Family office

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers PE/VC fund

Consumer Product-manufacturing PE/VC fund

Education PE/VC fund

Electrical Machinery PE/VC fund

Electronics/Mechatronics PE/VC fund

Energy and Environmental PE/VC fund

Financial Services PE/VC fund

Food and Beverage-Processing PE/VC fund

Hospitality PE/VC fund

Hospitals and Healthcare PE/VC fund

Human Resources PE/VC fund

Infrastructure/Construction PE/VC fund

Media & Entertainment PE/VC fund

Real Estate PE/VC fund

Retail PE/VC fund

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Angel network

Consumer Product-manufacturing Angel network

Education Angel network

Electrical Machinery Angel network

Electronics/Mechatronics Angel network

Energy and Environmental Angel network

Financial Services Angel network

Food and Beverage-Processing Angel network

Hospitality Angel network

Hospitals and Healthcare Angel network

Human Resources Angel network

Infrastructure/Construction Angel network

Media & Entertainment Angel network

Real Estate Angel network

Retail Angel network

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Corporate fund

Consumer Product-manufacturing Corporate fund

Education Corporate fund

Electrical Machinery Corporate fund

Electronics/Mechatronics Corporate fund

Energy and Environmental Corporate fund

Financial Services Corporate fund

Food and Beverage-Processing Corporate fund

Hospitality Corporate fund

Hospitals and Healthcare Corporate fund

Human Resources Corporate fund

Infrastructure/Construction Corporate fund

Media & Entertainment Corporate fund

Real Estate Corporate fund

Retail Corporate fund

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Sovereign wealth fund

Consumer Product-manufacturing Sovereign wealth fund

Education Sovereign wealth fund

Electrical Machinery Sovereign wealth fund

Electronics/Mechatronics Sovereign wealth fund

Energy and Environmental Sovereign wealth fund

Financial Services Sovereign wealth fund

Food and Beverage-Processing Sovereign wealth fund

Hospitality Sovereign wealth fund

Hospitals and Healthcare Sovereign wealth fund

Human Resources Sovereign wealth fund

Infrastructure/Construction Sovereign wealth fund

Media & Entertainment Sovereign wealth fund

Real Estate Sovereign wealth fund

Retail Sovereign wealth fund

Individual investor

Accelerator / Incubator

Family office

PE/VC fund

Angel network

Corporate fund

Sovereign wealth fund