V Sharma Maharashtra , India

Individual investor,Accelerator/Incubator,Family office,PE/VC fund,Angel network,Corporate fund,Sovereign wealth fund

About Me

Manufacturing, Growth, Tech, FMCG, NBFC, BFSI, consumer, Infrastructure, renewable energy


Consumer Product-manufacturing, Electrical Machinery, Infrastructure/Construction, Electronics/Mechatronics, Retail, Energy and Environmental, Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers, Education, Food and Beverage, Financial Services, Hospitals and Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, Hospitality, Human Resources

Interested Stages

Growth, Distressed, Debt requirement, Partnership

Investment Range

INR 5-500 Mn

Location Preferences



Advertising, Enterprise Tech, Finance / Insurance, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, Social Impact, Energy & Sustainability, E-Commerce, Consumer, Accounting/Compliance, Blockchain / Crypto currency, Environment, FMCG, Professional Services, Retail

Interested Stages

Ideation, Business Planning, Early Revenue, Steady Revenue

Investment Range

INR 2-50 Mn

Location Preferences



Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Individual investor

Consumer Product-manufacturing Individual investor

Education Individual investor

Electrical Machinery Individual investor

Electronics/Mechatronics Individual investor

Energy and Environmental Individual investor

Financial Services Individual investor

Food and Beverage Individual investor

Hospitality Individual investor

Hospitals and Healthcare Individual investor

Human Resources Individual investor

Infrastructure/Construction Individual investor

Media & Entertainment Individual investor

Real Estate Individual investor

Retail Individual investor

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Accelerator / Incubator

Consumer Product-manufacturing Accelerator / Incubator

Education Accelerator / Incubator

Electrical Machinery Accelerator / Incubator

Electronics/Mechatronics Accelerator / Incubator

Energy and Environmental Accelerator / Incubator

Financial Services Accelerator / Incubator

Food and Beverage Accelerator / Incubator

Hospitality Accelerator / Incubator

Hospitals and Healthcare Accelerator / Incubator

Human Resources Accelerator / Incubator

Infrastructure/Construction Accelerator / Incubator

Media & Entertainment Accelerator / Incubator

Real Estate Accelerator / Incubator

Retail Accelerator / Incubator

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Family office

Consumer Product-manufacturing Family office

Education Family office

Electrical Machinery Family office

Electronics/Mechatronics Family office

Energy and Environmental Family office

Financial Services Family office

Food and Beverage Family office

Hospitality Family office

Hospitals and Healthcare Family office

Human Resources Family office

Infrastructure/Construction Family office

Media & Entertainment Family office

Real Estate Family office

Retail Family office

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers PE/VC fund

Consumer Product-manufacturing PE/VC fund

Education PE/VC fund

Electrical Machinery PE/VC fund

Electronics/Mechatronics PE/VC fund

Energy and Environmental PE/VC fund

Financial Services PE/VC fund

Food and Beverage PE/VC fund

Hospitality PE/VC fund

Hospitals and Healthcare PE/VC fund

Human Resources PE/VC fund

Infrastructure/Construction PE/VC fund

Media & Entertainment PE/VC fund

Real Estate PE/VC fund

Retail PE/VC fund

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Angel network

Consumer Product-manufacturing Angel network

Education Angel network

Electrical Machinery Angel network

Electronics/Mechatronics Angel network

Energy and Environmental Angel network

Financial Services Angel network

Food and Beverage Angel network

Hospitality Angel network

Hospitals and Healthcare Angel network

Human Resources Angel network

Infrastructure/Construction Angel network

Media & Entertainment Angel network

Real Estate Angel network

Retail Angel network

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Corporate fund

Consumer Product-manufacturing Corporate fund

Education Corporate fund

Electrical Machinery Corporate fund

Electronics/Mechatronics Corporate fund

Energy and Environmental Corporate fund

Financial Services Corporate fund

Food and Beverage Corporate fund

Hospitality Corporate fund

Hospitals and Healthcare Corporate fund

Human Resources Corporate fund

Infrastructure/Construction Corporate fund

Media & Entertainment Corporate fund

Real Estate Corporate fund

Retail Corporate fund

Chemicals, Petrochems, Fertilizers Sovereign wealth fund

Consumer Product-manufacturing Sovereign wealth fund

Education Sovereign wealth fund

Electrical Machinery Sovereign wealth fund

Electronics/Mechatronics Sovereign wealth fund

Energy and Environmental Sovereign wealth fund

Financial Services Sovereign wealth fund

Food and Beverage Sovereign wealth fund

Hospitality Sovereign wealth fund

Hospitals and Healthcare Sovereign wealth fund

Human Resources Sovereign wealth fund

Infrastructure/Construction Sovereign wealth fund

Media & Entertainment Sovereign wealth fund

Real Estate Sovereign wealth fund

Retail Sovereign wealth fund

Individual investor

Accelerator / Incubator

Family office

PE/VC fund

Angel network

Corporate fund

Sovereign wealth fund