A Steady Revenue Startup in Cross-Border E-Commerce (Supply Chain Management) from India is looking to raise funds

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The company is providing shipping solutions for international retail e-commerce, solving pain points by digitizing shipping, easing regulatory complexities, freeing up working capital, enabling e-payments and creating an opportunity to provide “Insights as a Service” to the ecosystem. We have developed a proprietary platform, asset light “managed service”, enabling SMB and e-commerce marketplaces to drive customer experience by connecting a large seller base to a global retail buyer population (D2C). The end-to-end digitized offering drives ease of use and global scalability. We are actively enabling local Indian sellers to go international by providing convenient and affordable shipping services. The platform also provides insights about potential market for different goods and services in various countries, allowing sellers to tap these markets and diversify their product portfolio across the globe.

With the platform launch in November 2019, the company has witnessed 30X growth in monthly shipments from 200 to 6,000. In terms of reach, we are seamlessly connecting sellers from over 10,000 pin codes across India to global buyers in over 200 countries. The Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) for the company is approximately INR 5 Mn, with over 3000 registered exporters on the platform. The company is also an official shipping partner for Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Going ahead, we are poised to deliver INR 180 Mn in the next 18 months.

Team: Industry leaders with over 2 decades of logistics domain and cross functional expertise, held leadership roles domestically and internationally. Combined experience of over 100 plus years

Go To Market Strategy - Our GTM strategy has been to

1) Build a robust tech product and an easy-to-use end to end managed service that is integrated with all the key marketplaces (Technology adoption).

2) Through tech adoption secure validated shipper / seller base (Minimise CAC)

3) Scale Customer acquisition through Product enhancement (mobile app, Subscription model, Insights)

4) Geographic expansion for services (Partners and Associates)

Founded Year:2012


Funding Requirement

INR 70 Mn

Funding Status

I have a lead investor

Industry IconIndustry & Sub-Industry

Industry IconTechnology/Product/Service Offering

International Ecommerce Shipping platform, end to end D2C tech enabled managed service

StartUp Stage

Steady Revenue

Business Segment Type

B2B2C, B2C

End use of fund (in %)

Monthly Revenue Run Rate of past 3 months

Technology Information

Product/Service Offering

International Ecommerce Shipping platform

end to end D2C tech enabled managed service

Is your Technology Patented Yes
How will you leverage technology in your business? Our philosophy of tech enablement is based on three pronged approach 1) Digitisation of Business 2) Management by Exception and 3) Data2Decisions . In this we have made considerable progress in the first objective and the second objective.

Financial Information

2018 (in INR) 2019 (in INR) 2020 (in INR) 2021 (in INR)
Sales 48 Mn 65 Mn 32 Mn 56 Mn

Business Document

Business Document


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