A BETA/MVP, Smart Devices Startup in Wearable Tech/ Wellness Platform Sector is looking to raise funds.

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  • A Comprehensive wellness platform is promoting device which leads to longevity & improved quality of life. Given the challenges in measuring & monitoring the breath patterns with existing solutions, it is launching a wearable device that will generate comprehensive wellness reports, generate user alerts to bring them back to the present, and promote them to conduct Slow Deep Breathing to reduce stress & anxiety.
  • The world is struggling with health issues, and very few organizations are focusing on comprehensive wellness. It brings together Buddhist, Yogic, and Scientific knowledge together to promote the device, the science of being the present & combining the things as they are with imagination & creativity to promote overall wellness.
  • Its app is an efficient 360-degree solution for stress indication, mind chatter monitoring, notifications, and breathing exercises. It also offers coach services both physical & AI-based (to be introduced soon) to make exercises more regular & efficient.
  •  It has filed 3 global patents & 8 Trademarks. 6 trademarks out of 8 have been registered.
  • The company has witnessed 50K+ downloads with 7k+ active devices/users as on the date & has 200 hours' worth of data which has a replacement cost of approx $ 1 Mn.

Product Overview-

  • The Wearable Device is Integrated with a User alert Feature to interpret, respond, report, and serve mobile notification alerts when the user drifts towards negative mind chatter or if they are stressed out or losing concentration. It helps by-
    a)Generating comprehensive wellness reports to track user progress.
    b)Processes data and provides a real-time analysis in the form of state of mind among all other parameters
    c)Monitors and interprets breath by accurately measuring the breath rate.


Funding Requirement

INR 35 Mn

Funding Status

I have a lead investor

Industry IconHorizontal Industry

SaaS, Product

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Industry IconTechnology/Product/Service Offering

Breath Monitoring, wearable device & wellness platform

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B2B, B2B2C

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Business Document

Business Document


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