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A Steady Revenue Marketplace Startup in Social Impact (Female Hygiene, NGO, Waste Management) from India is looking to raise funds

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We manufacture sanitary napkin vending & disposal machines. The sanitary napkins market is an INR 4000 crore market and its growing at a CAGR of over 32% YoY. Our machines act as a PoS for the sanitary products eliminating the socio-economic myths that surround them – bring together quality sanitary products at low prices for all, whilst simultaneously hygienically destroying this waste without causing further harm to the environment or other living beings. These environmentally friendly machines are pocket friendly and can be installed at any premise that offers a washroom facility for females. This is a growing space with a large potential to scale up and expand in the next 5 years. We aim at capturing a sizeable chunk in the female hygiene market and develop new products in the health segment for children and all gender adults. In the last two years through extensive R&D and continuous improvement, we’ve developed an effective, proficient & efficient product that has & continues to receive great feedback from the market. We currently serve 16 states & union territories in India and should soon be serving customers in South Africa, Bangladesh & the Middle East. 

Our machines

- Gives access to Users of all socio-economic backgrounds including the specially-abled

- Generates Business for Manufacturers of sanitary products 

- Creates employment for both skilled and unskilled equally

- Spreads Awareness on Menstrual Hygiene & It's Management

- Disposes Sanitary Waste without creating further pollution and illnesses

These machines are and can be installed in schools, colleges, tuition homes, malls, cinema halls, theatres, hotels, restaurants, clubs, gymkhanas, slum community centres, housing societies, villages, homes, gyms, banks, offices, factories, warehouses, shops, retail outlets, gas stations/petrol pumps, staff rooms, any premise that has a female washroom or female club rooms.

We have installed over 1400 machines of over 100 variations serving over 2.5 lakh customers across 16 States & UTs, both rural and urban India.

Founded Year:2016

Capital Requirement

INR 1.5 Cr


Funding Status

I do not have any investment commitment


Horizontal Industry



Industry & Sub-Industry

Social Impact (1)

Fitness & Wellness, NGO, Waste Management

Technology/Product/Service Offering

sanitary napkin vending machine, sanitary napkin incinerators, sanitary napkin disposal bins, sanitary napkins

StartUp Stage

Steady Revenue

Business Segment Type


End use of fund (in %)


Product/Service Offering

sanitary napkin vending machine

sanitary napkin incinerators

sanitary napkin disposal bins

sanitary napkins

Is your Technology Patented


How will you leverage technology in your business?

1. Payment digitisation 2. Analytics on demographics vs geographies vs spends 3. App based traction & sales

Financial Information
2017 (in Cr) 2018 (in Cr) 2019 (in Cr) 2020 (in Cr)
Sales INR 0.032 Cr INR 1.62 Cr INR 1.833 Cr INR 0.145 Cr

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