A Proof of Concept/Minimum Viable Product Mobile Startup in Social Dating (Dating App) from India is looking to raise fund


We are looking to change the way the world dates and also the way men and women relate to each other. We are addressing a fundamental & a universal problem of relationship issues faced by young people globally due to the current selection process based only on physical attributes, on existing platforms. This insight which led to our idea was based on meeting over 750 people personally and through interviews across geographies. Backed by this research we have a prototype ready which has been tested extensively in the US market. Currently we are building the MVP and looking to raise seed funding to build the full proprietary tech & product suite to scale. Our planned revenue model is robust, has been created with a lot of research and experimentation and offers a seamless intersection between dating and ecommerce. We are building this product primarily for the US market and eventually plan to roll it out in Europe, India and then globally.

Founded Year:2020


Funding Requirement INR 37 Mn
Funding Status I do not have any investment commitment
Industry IconHorizontal Industry Mobile
Industry IconIndustry & Sub-Industry
Industry IconTechnology/Product/Service Offering Dating Meets e-Commerce through a proprietory algorithm
StartUp Stage

Proof of Concept/Minimum Viable Product

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Technology Information

Product/Service Offering

Dating Meets e-Commerce through a proprietory algorithm

Is your Technology Patented No
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