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A Proof of Concept/Minimum Viable Product Startup in Robotics (Robotics Technology) and Enterprise Software (Cloud) from India is looking to raise funds

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Thousands of commercial buildings are installing solar panels on their rooftop. Solar plants of capacities as high as 4 Megawatts are being installed on a single roof, producing more than 50 lakhs electricity units each year.
Being outdoors the solar panels are exposed to dust, pollution, bird droppings resulting in an efficiency drop called “soiling loss”. It can account for more than 4000 USD worth of electricity loss in a year. The rooftops are harder to access, the current method of manual cleaning with water is resource and cost extensive.
Operating a solar plant at its peak efficiency remains a challenge. The cleaning cost accounts for more than 50% of the total operational cost of a solar plant. With the rising labour cost and raising water scarcity, the current methods are not sustainable.
The global commercial and industrial solar rooftop market reached 80 Gigawatts in 2020. The soiling loss accounted to more than 3000 crores in 2020, annual cleaning cost for the same was about 6000 crores. India C&I solar rooftop capacity is about 5 gigawatts for which the annual cleaning market is 300 Crores.

Founded Year:2018

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INR 0.75 Cr


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I do not have any investment commitment


Industry & Sub-Industry

Nanotechnology, Enterprise Software (2)

Micro/Nano-Robotics, Cloud

Technology/Product/Service Offering

Solar Panel Cleaning Robot, Autonomous Mobile Robots

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Proof of Concept/Minimum Viable Product

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Product/Service Offering

Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Autonomous Mobile Robots

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Zero is a remotely operable robotic machine which can dry cleans the solar panels on a daily basis. With its lithium-ion battery pack, it can clean more than 1800 solar panel in a single charge. The Robot’s control software allows it to travel from one solar array to the other independently. With the smart path following algorithm the robot is able to go around chimneys, skylights and other obstructions on the rooftop. Allowing it to clean more than 1800 solar panels on a single charge irrespective of the plant geometry DAILY CLEANING With low operational cost of the robots, it’s possible to clean the panels on a daily basis. This is made possible with the cloud-based business intelligence dashboard EASY MAINTENANCE The modular design keeps the on-site service time to under a few minutes


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