A Early Revenue Startup in Media & Entertainment (Entertainment) and Education (E-learning, Education Technology) from India is looking to raise funds

Posted By - Investment Banker Posted date - 26/11/2020


The company is a hub for innovation and creativity. Pioneered by experienced professional from the creative industry, Design School is unique in its teaching methodology and training standards. We promote design study, research and promotional activities as part of the curriculum. The company is completely dedicated to higher levels of interdisciplinary research and training in the fields of art and design.

We are located in Camp, Pune and have a state-of-the-art creative design studio that is successfully providing knowledge and holistic education for students and professional who are aspiring to create a mark in the field of design. Our teaching methodology emphasizes on a practical learning approach inculcate the production practices. This approach is meant to help students face all industry-related challenges.

  • Problem – The Media & Design industry is characterized by several small to medium-sized businesses that often lack proper structure and skilled resources, in large numbers, and there is a need to establish high standards of education and accredited expertise in this area.
  • Solution –The company has the vision to be a leading Media Education institution and also India’s First virtual academy offering the Design, Multimedia, Animation, VFX, and Film Making Courses and they intend to launch in 2021. The curriculum is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and skill-sets and includes a mix of Live Classes, Video Lessons, Assignments, and Tests, followed by an Accreditation and Skills Certifications by Govt of India.
  • Opportunity – The Indian M&E sector reached INR1.82 trillion (US$25.7 billion) in 2019 and it is expected to reach INR2.42 trillion (US$34 billion) by 2022. The Animation and VFX industry in India reached Rs 87.7 billion (US$ 1.25 billion) in FY19 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16 percent till FY24 and reach Rs 184 billion (US$ 2.63 billion). This will result in the creation of massive opportunities in this sector and will lead to the generation of employment and a preferred career choice for many.
  • Product / Revenue streams – Primarily 3 product lines – 1) Media & Design Education (70%), 2) Animation & post-production (28%) 3) E-Gaming (2%). The initial 3 years from 2021 will be focused to establish its expansion into Media Education. From 2024 onwards, they would move their efforts towards the E-Gaming sector.
  • Market Size –The Indian animation and VFX industry was worth Rs 73.90 billion (US$ 1.15 billion) in FY19 and is expected to expand to Rs 151.80 billion (US$ 2.26billion) by FY23. Additionally, the Indian Ed-Tech sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 39% from 2020 to 2025 and is projected to be a US$ 10 billion market.
  • Customer Segments – Growth efforts will be focused on the expansion to Tier 2 cities and in rural India to provide affordable Skill Education, knowledge, the self-confidence that would make the country vibrant and create a workforce for the fast-growing M&E industry and will lead to India becoming a global leader in providing leading expertise in the growing Designing, Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and VR & AR industry.
  • Marketing & Sales Strategies – 1) Establish branding and Online Presence, 2) Tie-ups with Schools & Colleges, 3) Tie-ups with Gaming & Media production companies for candidate placements, 4) Tie-Ups with Government for Skills development Programme and to encourage careers in the M&E industry.
  • Competitors – With the growing demand for VFX & Animation skill sets, there are several players in the same territory. Reputed names include 1) Arena, 2) Framebox, 3) ICATS, 4) MAAC.



Capital Requirement

INR 2.25 Cr


Funding Status

I do not have any investment commitment


Industry & Sub-Industry

Media & Entertainment, Education (2)

Entertainment, Online Certification, Ed-Tech


Technology/Product/Service Offering

Media Education institution


StartUp Stage

Early Revenue


Business Segment Type


End use of fund (in %)

Financial Information
2017 (in Cr) 2018 (in Cr) 2019 (in Cr) 2020 (in Cr)
N.D INR 0.95 Cr INR 1.237 Cr INR 1.539 Cr
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