A Beta Launched/Pilot phase Mobile Startup in Healthcare & Lifesciences (Health & Wellness, Mental Wellness) from India is looking to raise fund

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We are a mindfulness app for millennials who don't meditate. Today, 1 in 2 millennials is either anxious or stressed globally. Corona is only making things worse.

There are 2500+ meditation-based mindfulness apps out there led by Calm, Headspace & others. But meditation is not for everyone. For every 1 person who can meditate well, there are 5 who struggle. We make mindfulness simple, personal, and human, without meditation. Its a personal self-help guide that helps you grow happier with simple and interactive teachings, tools, and practices based on how you feel at this moment.

We launched the early beta in May 2020. Since then, we are growing strong with a solid WAU/MAU of 65% and a record rating of 4.9 on Google Play Store. 16,000+ people are using the product from India & outside. From psychologists to engineers to students with 65% women.

While the whole world is going after meditation, we are creating a whole new category for people who struggle with meditation or are new to the whole concept of mindfulness. Our next step is simple: build a high-quality product with at least a quarter a million users and a strong proof of monetization in the next 12 months. We are raising $300k and are looking for partners who would like to walk this journey with us to help millennials around the world - human beings like you and me - live happier and healthier with so much ease.

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Mindfulness (without meditation), Spiritual Wisdom, Mindful Practices

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