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A Business Planning Marketplace and Mobile Startup in Healthcare & Lifesciences (Health & Wellness) and Internet of Things (Wearables) from India is looking to raise fund

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We have developed an easy to use, accessible, digital mobile platform for personalized holistic wellness. Users need to answer 30 questions one time and take 30 seconds pulse diagnostic test using their smartphone camera. Users holistic wellness state is analyzed and personalized solutions combining yoga, breathing exercise, meditation, food, and herbal remedies are suggested The underlying principle of the pulse diagnostic test is to measure blood flow using the smartphone camera basis finger photo plethysmography principles. From the signal, we then compute 7 vital signs namely heart rate, rhythm, systolic and diastolic BP, pulse pressure, arterial stiffness and pulse morphology and then correlate these vital signs to Ayurvedic biomarkers. This is then used to calculate bodily humors, Kapha, Pitta and Vata, which form holistic wellness index We also plan to integrate a product Herbal remedies and supplements, service -online yoga, meditation, and custom wellness plans and freemium content marketplace

Key Highlights

1. We are part of Apple Design Accelerator

2. We are part of LumosHealth accelerator (HCG hospitals) and The GAIN program by MeitY Govt. of India

3. We have filed 4 patents in India patent office in 2018. All patents are published and waiting for examination and grant. PCT application filed in 2020

4. We are certified by leading institutions and commercial players of Ayurveda industry

5. We are a content partner at Jio HealthHub

Founded Year:2016

Capital Requirement

INR 3.7 Cr


Funding Status

I do not have any investment commitment


Horizontal Industry

Marketplace, Mobile


Industry & Sub-Industry

Health and Pharma, Internet of Things (2)

Fitness & Wellness, Wearables/Smart Hardware/IoT

Technology/Product/Service Offering

Digital health, wellness, pulse diagnosis, Ayurveda, healthtech, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Disease prevention, disease management, healthcare

StartUp Stage

Business Planning

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Product/Service Offering

Digital health, wellness, pulse diagnosis, Ayurveda, healthtech, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness

Disease prevention, disease management, healthcare

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Business Document