A BETA/ MVP, Medical Devices Biomedical Startup in Health and Pharma Sector is looking to raise funds.

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This Healthcare is working on the state-of-art, next generation innovative healthcare technologies. The company was founded in the year 2015 to provide state-of-art, rapid & accurate infectious disease diagnosis technologies. Our multidisciplinary R&D, design, manufacturing, and business management team works in natural harmony for best output. They also provide customized R&D and product development support along with healthcare research anad consulting services.
Product overview-
1. Autogene -TB
Single step test, highly cost effective.
Easily deployed in low-resource settings.
Minimal training required to operate.
Completely automated system.
It’s a platform technology and can be extended for other infectious disease detection in future.

2. iMC2-iAST
iMC2 Platform Technology is a novel nanoparticle-based detection system with a turnaround time of 6 hours
• High sensitivity test at low-cost
• After sample enrichment from iMC2, iAST provides resistance profile in 4 hrs
• Completely automated system
• Integrated IoT for real-time surveillance & AI-based data analysis.

• Android app to control entire operation from a distant place
• AI module for sample analysis on demand
• It can be deployed in any resource setting
• Completely automated system
• It’s a highly cost-effective solution for imported products.


Funding Requirement

USD 1.5 Mn

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I do not have any investment commitment

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Portable Automated Molecular Testing Device, Instant Anti-Microbial Susceptibility Test, Fluorescence & AI based Cell Enumeration & Identification

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