A Beta Launched/Pilot phase Saas Based Startup in Healthcare & Lifesciences (Mental Wellness) from India is looking to raise funds

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Building medical-grade wearable systems, to predict, detect & manage neurological & lifestyle disorders. Discovering quantifiable insights from the human brain to make lives safer, one prediction at a time. Mental health disorders affect 1 in every 4 individuals. Subjective assessments without technological aids make it difficult to diagnose mental health disorders & understand the efficacy of therapy. The disproportionate number of mental health patients versus healthcare practitioners has led to a treatment gap of 50%-85% globally. They have developed a  Fast, objective, and accurate medical-grade AI/IoT wearable technology for automatic screening of mental health and recovery management. The product helps in Monitoring, Predicting. Intervening and diagnosing mental health. One of the 12 Women Transforming India by United Nations & Niti Aayog, One of the Top 5 Global Women Entrepreneur by Axa Insurance, 1 of the top 3 Innovations in India, Intel & DST, Govt. of India and so on.


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USD 1.6 Mn

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I do not have any investment commitment

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World's first medical-grade wearable for the automatic assessment of anxiety & mood disorders, with comprehensive AI analytics platform & end user appapp

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Beta Launched/Pilot phase

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