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A Beta Launched/Pilot phase Startup in Healthcare & Lifesciences (Health & Wellness, Healthcare IT, Healthcare Services, Healthcare Technology) from India is looking to raise funds

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Super-Speciality Elder Care solutions at home/in an assisted living facility dedicated to providing premium & comprehensive care, using hybrid solutions of both certified caregivers and predictive human technology, for a Constant Care experience. Providing support to people with an inability to take care of ageing parents. They have developed a Proprietary Hybrid high-touch system (HHTS) system with healthcare professionals powered by predictive human technology using IoMT devices for a constant care experience. They are also using a cost-effective IoMT device for real-time feeds monitored by a team of doctors for constant care experience. All data points are run through an Artificial intelligence-based predictive model for trend analytics enabling prediction of health threats to take preventive action. Complete Service Transparency with real-time reporting through the use of technology & Remote Monitoring by children from across the globe.


Capital Requirement

INR 10.5 Cr


Funding Status

I have a lead investor


Industry & Sub-Industry

Health and Pharma (1)

Fitness & Wellness, Health-Tech, Health and Pharma, Health-Tech

Technology/Product/Service Offering

Elder Care at Home, Assisted Living

StartUp Stage

Beta Launched/Pilot phase

Business Segment Type

B2B2C, B2C

End use of fund (in %)


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Business Document

Business Document