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A Early Revenue Startup in Education (E-learning, Skill Development) from India is looking to raise funds

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Coding bootcamp is in nascent stages in India but is a globally tested business model with at least 3 unicorns operating in the US alone. More so, such business is highly needed in the Indian market given the huge demand for tech roles and low quality of tech education in the country. 

More than 1.5 million tech graduates pass out every year but 90% of them lack skills to be employable at the time they graduate. Due to this, the students struggle to get the right jobs while the employers fail to fill critical vacancies and invest a lot in training and suffer from low productivity. We solve this 2 way problem - students get in-demand skills and improve their employability, while the employer gets trained manpower at low cost and saves a lot on training cost.    


We train students extensively in 6 month programs to develop in demand tech skills and improve their employability. Key offerings in terms of service and product. 

  1. A changed Pedagogy: 
  • Employability Oriented 
  • Taught by top Professionals  
  • Online but not entirely Self-paced 
  • With Right Mentorship 
  • Continuous Evaluation 
  1. Learning journey through Product:
  • Learning Platform
  • Coding Practice Tool
  • Gamified Learning
  • Assessment Tool, 
  • Open Mock Interview Platform 

Initial Traction:

  1. Received 3600+ interests, 800+ applications and selected 25 students after assessment test in the first cohort Oct’20 (booked revenue of INR 35 Lakh).
  2. Tie-up with 2 NBFCs for student loan applications.
  3. Launched in house learning platform.
  4. 15+ educators on the platform from top tech companies i.e. Google, Microsoft, Amazon.

Founded Year:2020


Funding Requirement

INR 3 Cr

Funding Status

I do not have any investment commitment

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Industry IconTechnology/Product/Service Offering

Tech education

StartUp Stage

Early Revenue

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B2B, B2C

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Tech education

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How will you leverage technology in your business? We are building our in-house product and the entire learning journey for the student will happen through product. Right from the time the student enrols on the platform, attends live & recorded classes, clears his doubts, does practice coding, enters into coding competitions and eventually applies for the placement. The technology will be leveraged to productised the offering and will be key enabler to reach scale with consistent quality of education. Further, we are also building an online assessment tool (SaaS HR tech) for employers for hiring candidates. We plan to offer the assessment tool for free to our hiring partners for now. But eventually that can also be monetised.

Financial Information

2017 (in Cr) 2018 (in Cr) 2019 (in Cr) 2020 (in Cr)
Sales N.D N.D N.D INR 2.5 Cr

Business Document

Business Document


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