A Beta Launched/Pilot phase Startup in Automotive/ Mobility (Automotive Component Supplier, Electric Charging Infrastructure) from India is looking to raise funds

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We are building a SaaS + Hardware solutions that allows fleets to deploy and manage electric vehicles. The economics of using EVs have started to make sense in fleet and commercial vehicle applications - they can save up to 40% on their cost of ownership by using EVs (vis-a-vis ICE vehicles). Our tech stack allows fleets to realize these cost benefits while eliminating downtime associated with operating EVs. 

The stack comprises of a battery swapping station hardware and a modular SaaS platform that provides real time, actionable insights into the electric vehicle charging, maintenance and operations.

We went live with our products in June 2020 with 50+ fleet EVs being managed via the platform. Some of our customers include Lightning Logistics (India's largest 3PL EV fleet), Zypp and Powerhive. We have revenues of Rs. 10 lakhs for our platfrom and are projected to hit a revenue of Rs. 30 lakhs in FY-21.

We expect to manage ~1000+ vehicle assets on the platform by FY-22 with deployments in the Indian and European markets. 

Given the economics of using EVs in fleet applications and the growth of fleets in use cases like last mile delivery, we expect an exponential growth in the use of EVs in fleet and commercial vehicle applications over the next 5 years. We aim to be the premier solutions technology solutions provider for fleet electrification.

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USD 0.25 Mn

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SaaS + Swapping Stations for EV Fleets

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SaaS + Swapping Stations for EV Fleets

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How will you leverage technology in your business? The BatteryPool SaaS and hardware products are built on a proprietary IoT layer that collects data from all EV related assets (vehicles, batteries and chargers) and send them to the cloud. In the cloud, we use state of the art algorithms and analytics to provide actionable insights to fleet operators so they are able to manage their EV fleet ops without any downtime and maximize their utilization in the fleet.

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