NK Taneja
Haryana , India


41 years of professional experience in the field of General Management, Strategy, Corporate Planning, Business Head, Finance, Strategic Business Development domestic and exports, Turnaround, Merger & Acquisitions , technology acquisiton, dealing with cross countries and working experience in India and abroad,brand creation, enhancement and brand building etc. across various multinationals and large companies. Extensive experience in growth and strategy for automotive and auto component industry with ability to go in depth and identify customer and market insights.

Year Of Experience


Target Business

M&A, Consulting, Raise Fund

Higher Education

Bachelor of Commerce, Member of Institute of Compa



Automotive Electrical Machinery Financial Services Transportation/Logistics


Startup Consulting/Advisory

Fund Raising Valuation Advisory Business Plan Making

Business Consulting

Business Plan Making India Entry Demand/Supply Analysis (Competition Scan) Industry Reports Market Research Reports Customized Reports Business Development

Strategy Consulting

Growth (New Geography/Product) Business Realignment/ Product Line Divesture Diversification Risk Advisory

Accounting/ Legal/ Secretarial/ Tax Consulting

IP/Trademark Protection New Company Formation Secretarial For Existing Company Secretarial For New Company Strategic Deal Documents

Financial Advisory/ Investment Banking Service

Information Memorandum For M&A, Joint Venture, Fund Raising Valuation For M&A, Fund Raising Fund Raising-Equity Buy Side Mandate

Operations Consulting

Project Management Quality Improvement


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