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Get connected to the right Investors, Businesses, Investment Bankers & Consultants, whether it is to Raise Strategic Funds, Seek advisory from specialized consultants , Acquire, Sell or License Technology, through our Algorithm-based search, Right from Deal Preparation, to Sourcing to Executing a deal, MergerDomo is your one-stop Global Online Marketplace for Corporate as well as Startup Growth.

How MERGERDOMO enables you to connect with the right business

List or Search for Genuine Deals from the comfort of your space

Avail of an Extensive Database of deal listings on a Single Platform

Algorithm-based searches, automates the process, making it less time consuming

MergerDomo runs deal searches for FREE.

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Our Consultants

Connect with an array of Strategy/ Business/ Operations/ Turnaround/ Technology and many other types of consultants to help you prepare and execute your growth strategies.

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Deal Sourcing & Execution Platform

We combine human capital with advanced software tools for better deal sourcing and deal distribution. A repository of large data processed by our proprietary Algorithm provides investors, businesses and other intermediaries smarter deal search options keeping in mind their complex requirements.

The platform allows you to run the entire deal with the help of various experts including Investment Bankers, Business Consultants, Non Banking Finance Companies, Lawyers etc.

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Benefits of Mergerdomo

  1. Avail a Bouquet of Investment Banker
  2. Confidentially maintained
  3. Access to Global Capital at finger tips
  4. Algorithm based matches

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