S Singh Ahluwalia

Telangana , India

About Me

We are a 100cr - SEBI Approved Category 1 AIF - Indian focussed fund with an emphasis on Deep Tech. It targets the following sectors: FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, RegTech, Enterprise SaaS and Digital Economy. We invest in start-ups with expert and passionate founders for seed, growth and expansion stages of their venture. The angel network is a sector-agnostic -tech emphatic network of 140 investors who are experts in their domain. The network has made 35 investments to date and is ever expanding. The investors prefer revenue generating ventures with passionate founders.

My Investment Summary

Minimum Investment

INR (Mn) 2.5

Maximum Investment

INR (Mn) 30

Investor Type

PE/VC fund, Angel network


Investment Interest



A.I, Advertising, Aeronautics Aerospace & Defence, Agriculture, Analytics, Animation, AR VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality), Architecture Interior Design, Art & Photography, Artificial Intelligence, Automotive/ Mobility, Construction, Design, Electric Vehicle, Events, Fashion, Food & Beverages, Green Technology, Healthcare & Lifesciences, House-Hold Services, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Pets & Animals, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Social Dating, Social Impact, Social Network, Sports, Technology Hardware, Telecommunication & Networking, Travel & Tourism

Interested Stages

Business Planning, Early Revenue, Steady Revenue

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A.I PE/VC fund

Advertising PE/VC fund

Aeronautics Aerospace & Defence PE/VC fund

Agriculture PE/VC fund

Analytics PE/VC fund

Animation PE/VC fund

AR VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality) PE/VC fund

Architecture Interior Design PE/VC fund

Art & Photography PE/VC fund

Artificial Intelligence PE/VC fund

Automotive/ Mobility PE/VC fund

Construction PE/VC fund

Social Dating PE/VC fund

Design PE/VC fund

Electric Vehicle PE/VC fund

Events PE/VC fund

Fashion PE/VC fund

Food & Beverages PE/VC fund

Green Technology PE/VC fund

Healthcare & Lifesciences PE/VC fund

House-Hold Services PE/VC fund

Marketing PE/VC fund

Media & Entertainment PE/VC fund

Pets & Animals PE/VC fund

Renewable Energy PE/VC fund

Robotics PE/VC fund

Social Impact PE/VC fund

Social Network PE/VC fund

Sports PE/VC fund

Technology Hardware PE/VC fund

Telecommunication & Networking PE/VC fund

Travel & Tourism PE/VC fund

A.I Angel network

Advertising Angel network

Aeronautics Aerospace & Defence Angel network

Agriculture Angel network

Analytics Angel network

Animation Angel network

AR VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality) Angel network

Architecture Interior Design Angel network

Art & Photography Angel network

Artificial Intelligence Angel network

Automotive/ Mobility Angel network

Construction Angel network

Social Dating Angel network

Design Angel network

Electric Vehicle Angel network

Events Angel network

Fashion Angel network

Food & Beverages Angel network

Green Technology Angel network

Healthcare & Lifesciences Angel network

House-Hold Services Angel network

Marketing Angel network

Media & Entertainment Angel network

Pets & Animals Angel network

Renewable Energy Angel network

Robotics Angel network

Social Impact Angel network

Social Network Angel network

Sports Angel network

Technology Hardware Angel network

Telecommunication & Networking Angel network

Travel & Tourism Angel network

PE/VC fund

Angel network