Karnataka , India

About Me

Sector agnostic fund looking to co-invest with Lead VCs / Angels and deliver the value of IIM-Indore alumni network

My Investment Summary

Minimum Investment

INR (Mn) 2.5

Maximum Investment

INR (Mn) 5

Investor Type

Angel network


Investment Interest



A.I, Advertising, Analytics, Animation, AR VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality), Artificial Intelligence, Astrology, Automotive/ Mobility, Biotechnology, Construction, Cyber Security, Design, Education, Electric Vehicle, Enterprise Software, Fashion, Finance Technology, Food & Beverages, Green Technology, Healthcare & Lifesciences, House-Hold Services, Human Resources, Internet of Things, Logistics, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Pets & Animals, Pharmaceutical/Health care & Life Sciences, Regulatory Tech, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Social Dating, Social Impact, Social Network, Sports, Transportation & Storage, Travel & Tourism, Waste Management

Interested Stages

Ideation, Proof of Concept/Minimum Viable Product, Beta Launched/Pilot phase, Business Planning, Early Revenue, Steady Revenue

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