A Mann Haryana , India

Angel network,Corporate fund

About Me

Sector and Stage Agnostic


Agriculture, Tech Infrastructure, Enterprise Tech, Architecture / Construction, Automotive, Life Sciences, Dating/Matrimonial, Education, Food/ Beverages/ Other edibles, Finance / Insurance, Health and Pharma, House-Hold Services, Human Resources, Logistics, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Pets & Animals, Real Estate, Security / Surveillance, Social Impact, Social Network, Sports & Recreation, Wearables/Smart Hardware/IoT, Communication, Supply Chain Management, Travel & Tourism, Energy & Sustainability, E-Mobility, Cyber Security, E-Commerce, Consumer

Interested Stages

Ideation, BETA/MVP, Early Revenue, Steady Revenue

Investment Range

USD 0.2-2 Mn

Location Preferences

India , Indonesia , Singapore , Sri Lanka , United States



Agriculture Angel network

Architecture / Construction Angel network

Automotive Angel network

Communication Angel network

Consumer Angel network

Cyber Security Angel network

Dating/Matrimonial Angel network

E-Commerce Angel network

E-Mobility Angel network

Education Angel network

Energy & Sustainability Angel network

Enterprise Tech Angel network

Finance / Insurance Angel network

Food/ Beverages/ Other edibles Angel network

Health and Pharma Angel network

House-Hold Services Angel network

Human Resources Angel network

Life Sciences Angel network

Logistics Angel network

Marketing Angel network

Media & Entertainment Angel network

Pets & Animals Angel network

Real Estate Angel network

Security / Surveillance Angel network

Social Impact Angel network

Social Network Angel network

Sports & Recreation Angel network

Supply Chain Management Angel network

Tech Infrastructure Angel network

Travel & Tourism Angel network

Wearables/Smart Hardware/IoT Angel network

Agriculture Corporate fund

Architecture / Construction Corporate fund

Automotive Corporate fund

Communication Corporate fund

Consumer Corporate fund

Cyber Security Corporate fund

Dating/Matrimonial Corporate fund

E-Commerce Corporate fund

E-Mobility Corporate fund

Education Corporate fund

Energy & Sustainability Corporate fund

Enterprise Tech Corporate fund

Finance / Insurance Corporate fund

Food/ Beverages/ Other edibles Corporate fund

Health and Pharma Corporate fund

House-Hold Services Corporate fund

Human Resources Corporate fund

Life Sciences Corporate fund

Logistics Corporate fund

Marketing Corporate fund

Media & Entertainment Corporate fund

Pets & Animals Corporate fund

Real Estate Corporate fund

Security / Surveillance Corporate fund

Social Impact Corporate fund

Social Network Corporate fund

Sports & Recreation Corporate fund

Supply Chain Management Corporate fund

Tech Infrastructure Corporate fund

Travel & Tourism Corporate fund

Wearables/Smart Hardware/IoT Corporate fund

Angel network

Corporate fund