Maharashtra , India

About Me

Sector Agnostic, Seed stage investments in companies that have demonstrated a strong differentiator that gives the company a sustainable competitive advantage. Look to partner with the company and provide support across functions like people, strategy, product etc. to help build the business.

My Investment Summary

Minimum Investment

INR (Mn) 5

Maximum Investment

INR (Mn) 50

Investor Type

Family office


Investment Interest



A.I, Advertising, Aeronautics Aerospace & Defence, Analytics, Automotive/ Mobility, Design, Education, Enterprise Software, Fashion, Finance Technology, Green Technology, Healthcare & Lifesciences, IT Services, Logistics, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Pets & Animals, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Safety, Security Solutions, Social Network, Sports, Technology Hardware, Telecommunication & Networking, Transportation & Storage

Interested Stages

Proof of Concept/Minimum Viable Product, Beta Launched/Pilot phase, Business Planning, Early Revenue

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