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The most advanced deal sharing and collaboration platform available.


Create and build your own individual or company account profile, providing descriptions of yourself and your business. Give information on the Country, Industry, Segments, Products to improve chances of accurate matches. Your Contact information is shared to a counter party only after your approval of their Expression of Interest

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Publish both buy and sell-side, fund raising, Joint Ventures & Technology (acquire/sell/license) mandates with our advanced deal listing tools. Include detailed information for your mandates including industry, sub industry, divisions/segments, products, location, revenue and profitability. Connect with other members by sending Expression of Interests to counter parties looking for deals like yours. Receive notification updates as interested parties view and respond to your listing. Track all your listing views, notifications and new Expression of Interests via your online dashboard.


All Businesses grow in an organic and/or Inorganic way, funds are required for both these routes. We will help you raise:
• Equity by finding strategic or financial investors interested in your Country & Industry. Our Algorithm will match accurately your business needs with Investor requirements helping you reach out to meaningful counterparties.
• Plain vanilla or structured debt through our network of Non Financial Banking Companies as well as Syndicators.


Create your own custom search parameters. Receive regular emails and account notifications based on your custom searches. Gain faster access to more deals that better match your requirements.

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Today than ever before, technology can make or break your business. It is the No. 1 disruption force. Companies are falling head over heels to find the 'Next' big technology in their field before their competition does so, and rightly so.

We all know of large Iconic Companies that went bust due to slow or no focus on technology. We want to help you find the right technology which will catapult you ahead of Competition.

Do fill in the 'Technology section' during registration. Our algorithm will search for the technology you are looking for as we are continuously onboarding Companies globally that are leaders or inventing technologies of the future and are wanting to either sell or commercialise their technology.

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Consulting/Advisory Services

Bouquet of Investment Banking/advisory services including Business consulting, Information Memorandum preparation & Valuation, equity & debt fund raising, legal, accounting and tax advice from our partners.

As you prepare to search for ideal targets you will need a clear understanding of the target Country, Industry & Company for which various activities such as Country Entry Strategy, Demand Supply analysis, Competition mapping, PEST factors, Technology trends etc will have to studied. As you progress, preparation of IM, valuation, due diligence, negotiations will have to done.

Use our consulting services to hand hold you through these steps. Our partners have been selected considering their experience in their respective fields along with special attention on high customer centricity.

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